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It is necessary to seek out help from experts providing landscape and lawn mowing services. This is regardless if you are starting out or if you already have a full-grown garden. Trust us. You will need all the professional assistance you can get as landscaping is more than just planting shrubs or mowing grass.


Landscape artists do not only excel in arranging an outdoor space into an exquisite paradise. They also specialize in examining each component of a garden’s ecosystem and addressing any current or potential issues. Lawn and landscape specialists, like those we have here at Oakland’s Best Landscapers, are explicitly trained to materialize your dream garden and to ensure it survives most of the internal and external risks.


Choose the ‘Landscaping Near Me‘ Who Cares About the Foundation




Like how footings much matter in building structures, the soil is vital in creating a productive and healthy landscape. At Oakland’s Best Landscapers, we dwell so much attention on the initial stage of gardening – the soil prepping.


Soil Testing


A soil’s pH tells a lot about its current status, including the level of acidity and alkalinity, as well as which nutrients it contains. This is a process we never overlook when starting a new project. We always get samples to test in our laboratories to examine your soil explicitly. By doing so, we exactly know which steps to take next, like what compost to use and what type of grass to plant. 


Mixing Compost


We understand that not all sites are blessed with the perfect or close to excellent soil. This is why we are maintaining various types of compost in our yard. We see to it that we always have the nutrients at our disposal should a particular location lacks certain soil nutrients. Adding compost is crucial in establishing a well-balanced ecosystem. Ours is meant to address the soil issues that we commonly detect in our labs. 




Digging and Tilling


During and after compost mixing, we thoroughly turn the soil. We dig until we are sure that the nutrients are evenly distributed and that the soil texture is acceptably fine. Several factors cause the soil to stick together, forming hard and compact clumps. These could negatively impact seed germination or root penetration. By turning the soil, we can increase the aeration, which is utterly beneficial not only to the soil but also to the plants. 


Mulching and Edging


Mulching and edging are the final stages of our soil prepping. These processes are to ensure that all the prior works will not be wasted. Mulch prevents evaporation; hence, it is an effective way to retain the compost we have mixed, ensuring the soil and the plants fully absorb it. Edges avoid clumping soil, ensuring that the seeds receive all the oxygen and sunlight they need to sprout. Together, mulching and edging can prevent weeds growth. Plus, these techniques add extra warmth and depth to the landscape’s overall look.


Gardening entails more technicalities than you can imagine. Start creating your paradise right by opting for professionals who pay great attention to the foundation.